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LuxVocabulary leverages highly curated contents of the luxembourgish online dictionary (LOD). Luxvocabulary is not just a webpage but a web application with a database that tracks your learning progress. The learning content is divided in chapters. The chapters provide sound samples and learning games. Once you found a correct answer, questions will not be repeated except if you decide to repeat the whole chapter.


LuxVocabulary is quadrilingual. Choosing a language in the menu sets the learners language for subsequent browsing within LuxVocabulary.

Search the dictionary

The quadrilingual search tool can be accessed via the magnification glass icon. When you search for a word-part the results will show all hits where this word-part was found in any of the four languages supported by LuxVocabulary. The quadrilingual matches are alphabetically sorted by their luxembourgish translation. This search tool can be used without creating an account.

Main menu

The main menu under the magnification glass icon allows registered users to browse between the landing page, an overview of available learning chapters, and exercises for the respective chapters.

Learning chapters

Every chapter shows context specific words and sound samples.

Once the vocabulary is learned you can test yourself by starting the exercices via the main menu or the red button at the bottom of the chapter page:

Pass chapters by solving exercises

In the orthography exercices you can use the buildin keyboard to simplify the use of special characters. This keyboard contains only the required characters and it allows to remove the last character in case of typos:

You will be noticed when you completed a chapter and have options to repeat chapters or to proceed to the next chapter.

Get started for free

Now it is time to start practicing, because only practice makes perfect. Start by registering. Materials for many hours of learning are completely free. Registration enables to track your learning progress and is free. The low fee to pay for the full content allows to further develop this private webpage and to cover server costs. Feel free to consider this as a donation.

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